Call of the Treasure Map at BC Game.

The famous sea robber, Captain Ellara, was not only on a treasure hunt, she created her own challenge: The Call of the Treasure Map. It’s not just a map, but a real live contest. Every symbol on it is not only gold, but also a challenge, a test of luck. Now, in the form of an exciting online game on BC.GAME, this map attracts daredevils. Among the pirate community, stories of the Secret Legacy and its hidden riches are running rampant. Wild rumours are spreading about the Golden Invitation, the key to Ellara’s most valuable prize.

However, there is a chilling rivalry to come – the Snow Conflict. On the BC.GAME platform, Ellara’s adventures continue. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Bonuses and Prizes: Keys to Success on BC.GAME

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Basic Rules:

Participate in games on BC.GAME to maximise your bonuses. Weekly betting results are summarised and bonuses are awarded as required. Bets made using bonuses or rewards may not be counted.

Stages of Stakes and Awards:

Terms and Conditions:

BC.GAME may modify, suspend or end the promotion without prior notice. Rakebacks and raffle tickets will be credited after weekly settlement. Bets made with funds other than your own may be excluded at the discretion of BC.GAME. The decision of BC.GAME administration is final in all matters related to this promotion.

Earning with Friends and New Year Competitions on BC.GAME

Immerse yourself in an exciting world of opportunities where earning money becomes even more enjoyable with friends! Join our community and start creating income by inviting your friends and family. Earn, share with friends and make earning social and fun.

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To participate, play at least 100 rounds of selected games with a minimum bet of $0.1. Your leaderboard ranking depends on your total bets. Your bets contribute to your total score, and the more you bet, the higher your ranking. Only real money is involved. The $50,000 prize pool will be distributed among the top 500 players.

Prediction competition for sports betting enthusiasts

Take part in the FIFA Xmas Challenge from 1-12 December, predict the top four teams and place a minimum bet of $5. After the FIFA matches are over, the successful predictors will share the $10,000 prize pool.

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Can I participate in BC.GAME's adventures without any prior gaming experience?

Yes, BC.GAME welcomes all players, regardless of their prior gaming experience.

Are there any age restrictions for playing games on BC.GAME?

Players must meet the legal age requirement for online gaming in their respective country to play on BC.GAME.

Does BC.GAME offer customer support for game-related queries or technical issues?

Yes, BC.GAME provides customer support for all game-related queries and technical issues.

Can I play games on BC.GAME from any country?

BC.GAME is accessible in many countries, but players should check their local laws to ensure online gaming is permitted in their region.

Is it necessary to make a deposit to start playing on BC.GAME?

While some games on BC.GAME may require a deposit, there are options available for players to explore games without an immediate deposit.

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